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Meeting The Young and Passionate Android Developers In The Country

Android Masters is a national inter-school challenge open to all senior high school students to college students here in the Philippines. It has the main objective of encouraging students to develop and publish their apps to the Google Play Store.


I would like to express my gratitude to Jielyn Diroy, one of the community managers of GDG Philippines, for inviting me to be one of the judges for last year’s challenge — Android Masters 2018 for the Utility/Productivity category.

This event took place on November 17, 2018, at UP Ayala TechnoHub, Quezon City.


Knowing the organizers

The event started with the introduction of the group that runs the event, GDG Philippines in partnership with Eclaro Philippines.

GDG Philippines is a group of enthusiastic Filipino developers interested to collaborate and learn more about new technologies. This group is run by amazing volunteers who are willing to share their drive and passion for learning and most importantly, their time.

Eclaro is the event’s major sponsor. Eclaro is an IT consulting firm company, offering recruiting and staffing services to its clients. They have been sponsoring the event for almost 2 years now and they will also sponsor the upcoming Android Masters 2019!

Meeting the judges

judges From left to right: Jonathan Lansangan, Mitchie Ang, Emmanuel Garcia, Dr. Patrick Azanza, and Joshua de Guzman (Yup, that’s me!)

Next part of the event, was the introduction of the judges – Jonathan Lansangan (COO of Dynamic Objx, Co-Founder BloodHero, Co-Founder Harness Data Labs), Michie Ang (Co-Founder and Director of Women Who Code), Emmanuel Garcia (Lead Engineer at Mynt Fintech) and last but not the least, Dr. Patrick Alain T. Azanza (President of Eclaro).

Before the event started, we took photos of ourselves. Little did I know that Jonathan Lansangan was an avid fan of photography — go check out his instagram page!

groufie Photo by @je.lnsngn

Pitching time

Out of over a hundred of entries submitted, listed here are the top 5 finalists, under the Utility/Productivity category, who gave their best to pitch their projects.

fixit Team FixIt

FixIt is a marketplace for services that include but not limited to plumbing, repair, and maintenance. The potential of this app to grow and become a real business was really quite promising, however, despite the clear delivery of its objective, the profitability and business model is quite not there yet.

Jonathan, presented a value proposition to the team in which we wish, they could have included in their presentation: recurring services like laundry and delivery services for them to have a stable source of income to maintain the business — after that, we thought of suggesting that they may also need to change the name of the app to cater more types of services other than repair.

signos Team Signos

Signos is a dictionary for learning sign languages. It has tutorials, text and video based references that were curated well in a hope of helping those, including myself, understand our friends who are not able to express their thoughts through verbal communication. The presentation went well that it even lead one of the judges, Emmanuel, to share his thoughts saying “Mahal ko kayo” in sign language — in English, it means, “I love you”.

Judges were just hoping that the team would also utilize the help of AI in the near future, and improve their application so that it can understand hand gestures of sign languages through image recognition in real time.

analyst Team Dr Analyst

Dr. Analyst utilizes the power of machine learning to analyze a patient’s retina with a goal of detecting early signs of diabetic retinopathy. The technologies they used were very googly, they primarily used Tensorflow, Firebase, and DialogFlow. We actually enjoyed using their app while we test it amongst ourselves during the pitch.

In line with the auspicious goal of the team to help the community, we encouraged them to partner with doctors and AI experts to validate the results of the app — at the end of the day, it’s what we are more concerned of.

aeon Team AEON

AEON team came all the way long from Cebu City, that’s more than 800 kilometers away from Manila! The project is backed by their local government to continue supporting their Long Life Medical Assistance Program.

They developed a medical delivery application, which is so simple yet intuitive. The team really did some research regarding the fundamental scope of a delivery app, they even have an innovative way of doing proof of delivery through pin code and biometrics! Their backend is powered by AI to optimize how they should stock and predict when to delivery the orders.

It was by far, one of the best apps I have seen during the competition.

elimix Team ElimixAR

ElimixAR uses augmented reality to improve the learning environment we have, especially in the field of Chemistry. The team covered a handful number of elements available in the periodic table and showcase them as 3D objects in real life form with the help of AR.

Fellow judges, and audiences were really impressed on how AR plays a significant role to encourage students, and even professionals to learn and explore science beyond their traditional textual form.

After the results were thoroughly reviewed by the organizing committee and us, ElimixAR was announced as the winners later that day — taking home the P100, 000 grand prize.


Filipino student developers have the ability to help the community through technology even at a younger age. Based on how I see the teams delivered their pitch, I can say that they have the potential to grow and be an inspiration to society.

Once again, big thanks to GDG Philippines not only for inviting me to judge for Android Masters 2018, but also for organizing and continuing to promote this amazing event!

Hoping to see more students to join competitions like this in the country.

Keep learning!


Joshua de Guzman

Mobile Software Engineer at Freelancer.com, Passionate Volunteer at Flutter Philippines. Have a knack for learning and teaching. www.joshdeguzman.com